planting the small seeds

First off, Hi, and welcome to our blog! Seeds of abundance is coming from a mother/daughter dynamic, that will bring a lot of diversity to the table. We want to help you plant small seeds in your life so that you may grow and live a life full of unlimited opportunities and purpose. So here is a little about us.

Kim: A 50 something, mother of two grown daughters, and a 3 year-old granddaughter. Married almost 35 years to the same man, love my god and my family. I am an almost empty nester, independent business owner, a lifetime learner and feel truly blessed to have so many opportunities in life. My life so far has way exceeded my wildest dreams especially considering my humble beginnings. I own a wealth advisory firm, and our main goal is to help our clients understand what is truly important to them, so that they can plan their financial future accordingly. I want them (and you) to be able to live the lives God has called them to without financial worry. This will not be all about money, it will be a pinch of this and a splash of that. I will say that I try to follow the same advice I give to my clients in my own life. I am all about saving money and putting it towards the right things, so that I can live my life on purpose and save for what is really important to me. I will be giving you my tips on health and wellness (cooking, exercising on a busy schedule), shopping hacks, and giving back.

Taryn: A 23 year-old college student, travel enthusiast, cooking entrepreneur. My perspective will be my advice on how to save while on a budget, my favorite meals that are easy, and healthy, my best travel tips, and favorite exercises for a busy bee. I am finishing my last year at Penn State University, and am ready to take on what life throws at me. I hope you find our advice useful and helpful for those of you who are looking to save a pretty penny.

Together we believe that our knowledge is vast and useful to tap into. We will be giving you many different tips and tricks to save and start living your life on purpose!


The Seeds of Abundance Team


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