The small things add up

This morning, as I was headed into work I got a phone call from my dad asking me to turn around and bring in his back pack. I turned down one of our small town country roads, and started reminiscing about the drive.

Growing up, we would often take these same back roads after church so my dad could put a for sale sign up at a houseĀ or two. As a little girl, I remember being so impatient and annoyed that we had to make SO many stops before getting home for breakfast.

Today, as I drove down the windy road, I thought about how much hard work he had to put into it. Two young girls complaining in the back seat, hungry and grumpy, having to work on a Sunday (the day of rest) mostly for our benefit. I now look back and appreciate him doing that. Those little minutes on a Sunday morning could have made a differences in a sale for him, maybe it was that money that helped him pay for my gymnastics lessons. The older I get the more I realize that small sacrifices can often end up making a large difference in the long run.

So, I challenge you to continue doing the small things, the simple things, that at the end of the day could turn into a big accomplishment!

Food for thought,


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