Just say yes

My husband and I are on a bus making our way back home after an overnight trip to Virginia and West Virginia. We were invited to visit horse breeding and training operations and to watch our host’s horse race last night.  His horse “naturally won” (line from a Carly Simons song). We didn’t know our host or many of the people on this overnight trip. We had to get up at 4am yesterday.  It would have been easy to say “no”.

There were rules applied at the onset. At every meal you had to sit with someone different and could never sit with the person “who brung you”.  The second rule was please don’t thank our host because he didn’t want to have to say “you’re welcome” over and over again. The rules were strictly enforced with severe penalties for failure to comply.

We have enjoyed getting to know our traveling companions. Finding out about their families, their passions, their professional careers and their ties to the organizations that invited us was very interesting. It would be easy to pass on something like this because you are too busy or won’t know anyone. I have found that God puts wonderful people in our paths to enrich and expand our worlds. We have to be open to the possibilities. Sometimes you just need to say “yes”.



P.S.  Our group will be naming a newly born thoroughbred.  Won’t it be exciting to watch this horse’s career.  What if this horse someday wins the Triple Crown!  YES YES YES!

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