Snakes, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails

Living in the woods can often bring about unexpected “visitors.”

We recently have discovered that we have an in house Copper Head. I named him Lou, (short for Lucifer) and he has us all a little on edge. He lives in the flower bed to the right of our garage. So we have been trying to keep the doors shut and the animals as far away as possible.

This morning I took a peak into the flower bed to see if he was out sun bathing, and he was. He is actually a very beautiful snake, but since he is poisonous it is hard to want to be anywhere near him for fear of his bite.

I started thinking about his life. We technically are in his territory as well because we live in the middle of the woods by choice. He is probably doing us a favor by keeping the mice population down in our garage and our house. So why do we fear him so much? He really minds his own business and has not opposed a  threat to us yet, but we still have decided to relocate him.

Why are we so fearful of things, when they too are gifts from God, and serve a purpose?

Anyways, we have decided Lou needs to be moved onto bigger and better places (not our flower bed), but he will continue to do his part in the circle of life.

Remember, everyone (and creature) has a purpose and a place, whether it is in your life or not. Be nice to others, treat everything with respect, and keep thriving!

Happy Monday!

The Seeds of Abundance Team


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