So yesterday,  if you read the post about our garden snake, who we believed to be a Copper Head, was actually a false alarm. You see, living in western PA we have many different types of snakes roaming our woods! Lou is actually a Milk Snake. The Milk Snake is most commonly mistaken for a Copper Head which is sad because he is completely harmless, not deadly at all. Milk Snakes have marks on their heads, while Copper Heads do not. They look extremely identical, and unless you know what to look for, you would always assume the worst, right?

Lou is a cute little Milk snake, not a potent Copper Head. Our family really HAS been living in fear of something completely harmless. He really is just killing the rodents and spiders entering our house, and is no danger to any of us! (and he is kinda cute….)

So again, you can’t judge a book (or a snake) by its’ cover. You might just be in the wrong.

I sure am glad we didn’t take a shovel to that poor snake, and instead we have decided to keep him as our house protector/insect killer. AND we are renaming him to Milky. Who knows, he could become one of the stars of this blog, and our new family pet!

Isn’t it funny how quick we are to form opinions of others for their looks, instead of realizing who they truly are inside?

Enjoy this beautiful Tuesday, and remember to never judge others before you really get to know them. They could just be a harmless milk snake, and turn out to be doing you some good! 😉

With regards,

Milky & The Seeds of Abundance Team




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