The Power of You

I have recently started to really come into my own. It has been a really tough journey for me, and I have had many struggles, even though I am only 23. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with RND, (Reflex Neurovascular Dystophy) a rare disease where the nerves in your body send pain signals to your brain, even when there is truly nothing medically wrong with the body. I missed over half my junior year of high school, and ended up having to repeat it at another school. I started gaining weight my second junior, and senior year, but not enough to really make a HUGE difference in my health. When I got to college, I ended up gaining over 20 lbs, (28 to be exact) and would lose some weight, but gain it all back.

So, I LOVE junk food. My dad calls be the “C Queen” because I adore all the foods that start with C, candy, cookies, crackers, chips, you get the picture. I was an avid athlete growing up and was always really fit, so my diet never really mattered to me. In college, I stopped being as active and put on weight quite quickly.

A year ago today, I was finishing my semester abroad in New Zealand, I was up to 138 lbs at one point over there, and my mom came to visit. I am 5’1″ so I was a bit overweight. I was at 129 lbs when my mom took these pictures of me a year ago today…

I was overweight, and really discouraged. I had grown so much as a person over in New Zealand, I definitely wasn’t the person I was when I left, and I felt like I had finally found myself again. My weight however, did not reflect that.

I had heard about the Tone It Up girls (Karena and Katrina) a few years back and decided it was most definitely time for my body to reflect my internal changes. I started with their meal plan, and workouts, and the weight slowly started to come off. I made the decision then and there that I needed to stick with this and FINALLY lose this weight, after 3 years of struggling back and forth!

This year has been one of many changes for me, and not without the hesitations and weight fluctuations. I have really pushed my workouts, I ran my first marathon (The Disney full in January), and stay consistent with eating and exercise. I work my butt off to look the way I do now, waking up early for long gym sessions at school, and having my sister (a certified personal trainer) kick my butt when I am home. I truly understand now that your body can endure so much more than you think it can.

It has been a year, I have lost over 28 lbs and it has been a very long process. Stay tuned tomorrow for my year reveal, and the steps I have had along the way!

Stop doubting yourself and just do it! I know you can and I believe in you! You have the power inside of you to do whatever you set your mind too.




P.S. Thank you Karena and Katrina for being such awesome girl motivators! You girls rock!

Visit Tone It Up and check out what these two powerful ladies are all about!

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