The BIG Reveal

Yesterday I told you a story about my journey with weight loss, and it has been a very long road. Between attempting the 21 Day Fix over and over again with success, but dramatic weight gain once it was over. Working out for long periods of time, but binge eating after, …. I was lost in a cycle of losing weight and gaining it all back (and sometimes more.)

This year has been an extreme challenge for me, but it has also been quite a lot of fun! I have put together a short video to show you my favorite memories from this year, (June-June) Not only does this give you a glimpse into my life, but also shows how much hard work and determination I have had to have to lose this much weight!


So here it comes, The BIG reveal. I am finally down to below my high school weight and finally feel like myself again. My body has finally changed like the person I have inside, and reflects my growth as a person.


I have done this without limiting myself. No calorie cuts, no crazy fad diets. Hard work, determination, and learning how to eat right 85% of the time! Yes, I still drink beer, eat donuts, and burgers occasionally, but I don’t over do it. I exercise daily, and am DRIPPING in sweat by the time I live the gym at night. I will continue to push harder to get exactly where I want to be, but after this year I know anything is possible.

So stop getting discouraged. Find what works for you, and don’t give up. I know it isn’t the easiest journey but I will say it is the most satisfying!

No matter what goals you may have for this year, I know you can achieve them. Remember our bodies (minds included) can withstand more pain, more struggle than we can even imagine. So please, if not for yourself, for me, don’t give up. I believe in you. You are beautiful. You CAN do it!

All the love,


P.S. Seriously check out the Tone It Up girls, they are awesome and my transformation has MUCH to do with their love and inspiration… (plus you can have wine on their diet…. just saying!)

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