It’s Friday and that means COCKTAILS!

Happy Friday Lovelies!

It is the first Friday of summer, which for me, means something refreshing in a tall class.

This week I shared with you my weight-loss journey, and I told you that I don’t limit myself. I do, however, make things “skinnier,” with just a few tricks. So here are my favorite skinny drinks of summer!


There is nothing like a nice marg on a hot summer day. We LOVE Skinny Girl Margaritas. You can find this at any liquor or ABC store! There are so many amazing recipes you can do with this one little bottle, (or big bottle if you buy the Sweetarita)

  • On The Rocks
    • 1 cup crushed or cubed ice
    • Fill the glass with Skinny Girl margarita
    • Squeeze half a lime in
    • Stir and Enjoy!
  • Crush-It (In a Blender)
    • 1 cup crushed ice
    • 1 1/2 cup margarita
    • Half a lime juiced
    • Blend and Enjoy!
  • Spice It Up (Blended)
    • 1 cup crushed ice
    • 1 1/2 cup margarita
    • 3 dashes chili powder (or cayenne if you’re bold)
    • Half a lime juiced
    • Blend and Enjoy

Don’t forget to salt the rim of your glasses, or use Stevia in the Raw if you prefer something sweet!

Skinny Girl has also come out with vodkas AND a spicy lime margarita, I have not tried them yet, but I will definitely share my thoughts and recipes when I do get my hands on them:)


For those of you who know this trick already, I am sure you love it just as much as I do…. mixing vodka and club soda is delicious, and super skinny! I mean who doesn’t like to hydrate while drinking? It’s ingenious!

  • Vodka Soda
    • Fill glass with cubed ice
    • Add one shot of your favorite vodka (flavored or unflavored)
    • Add your favorite flavor of club soda
    • Squeeze half a lime
    • Mix and enjoy
      • My favorite combos are:
        • Plain (or raspberry) vodka with raspberry-lime club soda
        • Plain vodka with grapefruit club soda

You can mix any flavor of vodka and club soda and it will be delicious! I stick with plain vodka, because I can buy a handle of Smirnoff and mix it with anything! I also love to add some crushed berries to the bottom of my glass, it adds a nice fruity flavor!

  • Spiked Arnold Palmer Tea
    • Fill glass with ice
    • Add a shot of your favorite vodka
    • 1 can Arnold Palmer Half and Half Tea ( I use the zero calorie one)
    • Stir and Enjoy!

One of my all time favorite cocktails for summer, it is also really good in a huge jug and letting it sit outside while the tea infuses into the vodka! (sun tea)

Rum Me Up

There is truly nothing like sitting at the beach with a nice rum drink! Unfortunately, rum drinks tend to be very high in sugar and calories, which can really mess with your blood sugar! I love rum just as much as the next person, but I’d rather not intake all the sugar!

  • Malibu and Diet
    • 1 cup cubed ice
    • 1 shot Malibu Rum
    • 1 can coke zero
    • Stir and enjoy
  • If you like Pina Coladas! (and getting caught in the rain?)
    • In a blender, add two cups ice
    • 3 shots Malibu Rum (or Skinny Girl Pina Colada)
    • A handful of Pineapple chunks
    • A handful of coconut shavings
    • A splash of pineapple juice
    • Blend it all up and Enjoy!
    • I also love to add a pinch of Skinny Girl pineapple-coconut water enhancer! It gives it a little more flavor!
  • Mojitos (In a shaker)
    • Muddle 1 lime and a few mint leaves until crushed
    • Add 2 shots of white rum
    • Add 1 packet of Stevia in the raw
    • 1 drop of Skinny Girl mint extract
    • Fill with club soda (plain)
    • Shake and Enjoy!

I do treat myself to the sugary rum drink every now and then, but these really seem to do the trick for cravings!

So here you have it! My absolute FAVORITE drinks of the summer, that give me ZERO guilt! It is so easy to still enjoy your favorite drinks, and cut out a lot of the bad things in the process!

Have a great weekend! Enjoy a few cocktails, and something yummy to eat! Don’t limit yourself, and find your balance!






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