Stars and Stripes Forever

Happy 5th of July!

As this crazy weekend comes to a close, and we head back into a rather short work week, I am reminded just how lucky we are for the freedoms we have. The ability to write what I feel and post it for the world to see is a prime example. The simple right of speech is a gift we often take for granted.

We all have the ability to do what we love everyday. If you don’t like what you spend your time doing, why do it? The men and women who fought (and are still fighting) to keep our Country free, do so for our benefit. Why waste time doing anything but what you love?

Remember you have the freedom to choose your path, your happiness, your life! It is yours, so live it wisely.

We are blessed to have so many opportunities given to us because of our freedom. We have resources readily available to us. Take advantage of them, use them to your benefit and go after your goals.

Our Country was built for the dreamers. The Founding Father’s achieved an Independent Nation, a dream they fought long and hard for! If they can do that, I know that YOU have the ability to reach your wildest goals. Nothing is to big, or impossible.

I hope you had a great 4th of July weekend, full of cookouts, fireworks, and loved ones!

Thank you to all the men and women who have fought and are still fighting to keep our beautiful nation safe!

God Bless America,

The Seeds of Abundance Team


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