That’s Where I Come From


I just came off of a big weekend.  It was a celebration of my 40th high school reunion (now you can all guess how 50 something I am!).  I have only missed one, our fifth, and have been on the planning committee for several, including this one.  We had teleconferencing meetings so committee members could see each other and do a virtual meeting thanks to one of our classmates who is a technology wiz.  We had a Facebook page that provided details and ongoing banter as the event approached.  Pictures were posted and stories were shared as we updated classmates through Facebook friends and messaging with classmate’s siblings.  I think I first joined Facebook five years ago when I joined our class group.  What a difference a few years makes!


We had a golf outing on Friday followed by a pre party at the country club that was hosting the event.  Of course there was a “post” pre party because we weren’t ready to say good night.  Just too many things to catch up with!



The reunion on Saturday was so much fun.  We reminisced with the styles of the 70s with a slide show of a JC Penny’s catalog, we played games, listened to the music of the times and danced the night away.  We also remembered our classmates who are no longer with us.  A growing number every five years.  When that party was over, it was off to several other venues where goodbyes and see you laters were said.

I am fortunate to have returned to my hometown roots 23 years ago when my husband and I decided to raise our girls closer to family.  Our town, Ligonier, Pennsylvania, was just named one of the top 10 places to retire according to Kiplingers.  Having spent 17 years away, with a dozen in Southern California, I have come to value our community and my small town life so much.  It was fun this weekend catching up with classmates who were in from near and far and hearing about adventures they had planned while they were here.  Stopping to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, a trip to Ohiopyle for a hike, a visit to Fort Ligonier.  All things that I have enjoyed over the years.  There was some melancholy as we talked about our youth, our upbringing….about this special place I am so fortunate to call my home.

So I predict that Kiplingers is right on with this crowd.  As we get closer to retirement age, I won’t be surprised to see a few familiar faces come back to “where I come from”!(Song and lyrics by Kenny Chesney) You can check out the article below for the full details and the other places that were cited.

Why Ligonier Pennsylvania Is a Great Place to Retire



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Fort Ligonier
Falling Water

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