Strong Women Empowering Women

There is something about a strong woman. She takes charge of her situations, and faces them head first. I have been very lucky to work with one of those women, my mom. But she is not just strong alone, she loves to empower and encourage other ladies as well.

Today, we shot new videos for the company website, and instead of going with a man, who told her she needed to have her hair and make-up professionally done, she hired a young girl still in college. Cristy has been raved about by word of mouth and let me tell you, she is the next big thing. Being able to empower women of all ages to follow their dreams is a huge deal.

That is why I like spending time with my mom, and see her interact with her clients. Not only is she genuine, but she wants them to have the best possible outcomes. When she gets the chance to help other women change their outcomes in any way, whether that be financially or career wise, she is always one to put it forward. It makes me proud to be her daughter and see her interact with the people she cares about.

I find it extremely true that there is a particular place for women who tear down other women. We need to be building each other up in all aspects of our lives. The vibes you put out into the universe come back to you, so make them good ones!

Have a great weekend, Tell a random woman she’s awesome and beautiful!




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