The Good Stuff

My sweet hubby and I are enjoying a great week in the Outer Banks with our dear friends.  We make this annual trek with anticipation as a highlight of the summer.  It is a time to get away from the busyness of our every day lives to chill, talk, laugh, celebrate, catch up and hit all of our favorite restaurants.  We think about this trip during the darker days of winter.  You know psychologists have studied the happiness factor of planning for a vacation…..the anticipation creates almost as much happiness and the actual trip!  So I guess that means we all need to be planning our next trip while we are experiencing this one!

IMG_4384I do get to travel a fair amount for business.  This week is the first true vacation of the year without a business meeting attached to it.  I am trying very hard to NOT work this week, but my phone rings and my email dings with new messages.  In this day of instantaneous everything, it is very hard to not make that call or answer the email.  The friends on this trip are all still working, so that means someone needs a piece of us even when we are trying not to work.  What do we do?  Ignore the call, get to the email next week…..I guess that is something we all have to figure out.

I am feeling incredibly blessed to have this time away with my husband and wonderful friends who we love to be with.  When we look at the things in life that are most important, it really all comes down to LOVE.  At our ages, we realize that the good stuff….the stuff that really matters is finding purpose and passion in everyday…and loving others.

Here’s to The Good Stuff….song and lyrics by Kenny Chesney….The Good Stuff



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