Sow a Seed

IMG_4570We are enjoying a week away with our girls and granddaughter and their guys.  Don’t we all look forward to time away to unwind, regroup and refocus?  About a year ago I was at a meeting in Dallas with a group of colleagues who are all part of a financial services owner/producer group.  At one of our sessions, the CEO of our group mentioned a book he had read In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson.   I am an avid reader, so I immediately ordered the book from Amazon Prime so it would be at my house when I got home.  I didn’t read the book right away, but because I had ordered it, other books with similar themes kept popping up on my Amazon account (I know you all know what I mean….).  So I ordered this book Draw the Circle….by the same author as the book I mentioned previously, Mark Batterson.  This 40 day prayer challenge has changed how I view and approach everything in my life.  I have been through this 40 day program a number of times over the past year and decided to go through it again since we were going to be away.  This morning the reading was Sow a Seed.  In the perfect timing that only God can orchestrate, this was exactly what I needed to read today.

Sometimes I get frustrated because the hard work I do every day doesn’t always end up with me getting a new client.  But I can continue to sow kindness, generosity and love….and use my God given talents and calling to help those people that are put in my path.  The seeds we plant everyday….the prayers we pray every day may not be answered in our life times.  Our children and grandchildren will be blessed by the work we have started.  I know that my life has been blessed by my grandparents and parents who prayed for and with me.

Being away with my husband of almost 35 years, my lovely daughters and my sweet granddaughter gives me time to reflect on the things that matter most.  As we get ready to head home in a few days to our “everyday” life, I pray this time away will give us renewed enthusiasm for the work we are called to do in the coming months….finish up college, start preschool, embark on a new career and continue to make a difference.

Blessings this glorious August day,


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