Turtle Time

IMG_4838We are spending this week at one of our favorite places, Bald Head Island.  It is two nautical miles off of the southern coast of North Carolina.  We have been coming here for years and it is a family favorite place of ours.  You take a passenger ferry from Southport,  NC, which is located on the mouth on the Cape Fear River  Once you arrive on Bald Head Island, a golf cart is your transportation.  Much of the island is in a protected conservancy, so it is very low density.  At the busiest times of the year, it is just not that crowded.  It is known as a nesting place for sea turtles.  We have been to several nest evacuations, but have yet to see turtles hatching, but we keep hoping.

There is a lot of lore and history.  Black Beard hid behind the island as he planned his attacks on the mainland and terrorized Cape Fear.  Fort Holmes that was located here during the Civil War has a place in our American history.  The island is watched over my a 200 year old lighthouse, named Old Baldy, which was commissioned by Thomas Jefferson in 1817.

What do you do when you are on Turtle Time?  Joy ride in a golf cart, collect sea shells at the beach, climb the 180 steps of Old Baldy, kayak in the marshes, visit a turtle nest evacuation,  hike the trails, swim at the Shoals Club, play tennis or golf at the Bald Head Island Club, shop the great shops, sit under a beach umbrella and read a beachie book…..

The year round population is around 200, which goes but by more than 10 times in the peak season.  I am not sure I could live here year round, but we sure enjoy the quiet times we spend with our family here.

Home tomorrow, but with a bunch of fun memories of times shared together on this special place.

Wishing you all a wonderful day,

Kim and Taryn


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