Aspiring to work optional

IMG_4877Life is just a bunch of little choices that lead us down certain paths. Some decisions are less important than others, but in the end, they make up our life, our experiences, our families. The goal of this blog is to help you decide what paths are the ones worth taking. When to spend, how to save money easily, how to have the best things in life, and ultimately live an abundant, purpose filled life. We want to address the things that are important to you, and help you be able to do more of what you love. To let you look to the future and feel excited and secure, and know that your life will continue to be full. Planting the seeds to eventually live a life where work just might be optional.

I get asked all of the time how much is enough to retire on?  I answer that with a question….what does retirement look like to you.  When do you plan to retire, what will you be doing in retirement, who will you be with….I actually drill down on what kind of wine you will be drinking, where to you plan to golf and whether you like to pitch at tent or stay at the Ritz.   Why?  Because, lifestyle matters.  If you golf at a public course versus a prestigious golf club with initiation fees, dues and minimums, there is a huge cost difference.  If you drink Silver Oak Cabernet every night versus “Two Buck Chuck” from Trader Joe’s it makes a difference.  Please know there is ZERO judgement here.  I have close friends who are on either extreme and I have been known to indulge in both!  So a reasonable expectation of what your lifestyle will cost is the first thing.  I don’t believe that most retirees spend less in retirement….especially in the early years because they have time to hit their recreational bucket list.  Golf balls, wine and cruises cost money!

Once you understand what you need, it is time to look at what you have accumulated and to see how far that will go.  Pensions are becoming more and more of a thing of the past.  Social Security is an important component to most retirement plans yet very few people take any time to understand the best filing strategy for them.  Understanding your options with the backdrop of your family history and possible longevity and filing for social security in a knowledgeable way,  can make a big difference over a long life.  Most retirees will need to fill all of their retirement gap themselves…..few people I know can live on social security alone.

Taking the time to really look at what you have accumulated and building a plan to cover all of the risks to retirement is critical.   Many of us will be given the gift of a long life.  That is truly a blessing.  The risks to a successful retirement, things like interest rate changes, taxes, rising health care costs, market downturns are all magnified if we live a long life.  I don’t know too many people who want to live in fear of running out of money.  Yet how many have taken any time to make sure they are on track?

Do yourself a favor…..learn about what it will take for you to experience a retirement full of abundance….face your future with anticipation versus apprehension and perhaps aspire to work optional.  For me, my work is my calling…I enjoy my business and get excited about what I do every day.  God willing, retirement is not on radar for me.  However,  that recreational bucket list….well, I’m trying to knock some things off every year while I work.  That’s what work optional looks like for me….How about you?

Cheers to an abundant retirement!


P.S.  Photo taken a few weeks ago on Bald Head Island. Taryn and Kim, daughter Kalyn and granddaughter Lilly, all styling our Lilly Pulitzer.  For a money saving tip, hit the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale happening right now through midnight on the August 30th.  Amazing deals, but expect to be in the queue for an hour or more.  Well worth it if you are a Lilly girl and like me, LOVE a deal….Good luck!

Bald Head Island

Lilly Pulitzer

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