Seasons of Change

IMG_5173In Western Pennsylvania, fall is one of the most beautitul times of the year.  When you live in a place where the seasons have dramatic changes in temperature and surroundings, it seems that those epic moments in your life are just etched in a bit more. I recall sunbathing on the roof sundeck at one of the dorms at college in March.  It was probably under 60 degrees, but it didnt’ matter.  After the cold of winter, it felt like a heat wave.  You remember the Easters and Halloweens with late and early snowfall (hopefully not back to back!).  For me, the changing of the seasons means putting the “summer’ clothes away and bringing out the pants and sweaters and coats.  I lived  in Southern California for a dozen years.  Although, the song says “it never rains in California”….that is not true.  But the seasons do vary, just not as much in some parts of the state as others.

I love college football, so fall brings the excitement of attending a few Penn State Nittany Lions home games…..having them do well insures some excitement in the early part of winter as well with the anticipation of bowl games and a national championship game?????

Mostly fall, means to me, that we are headed into the home stretch of the year….when our thoughts go towards preparations for the holidays….Thanksgiving and Christmas….Hopefully, we all slow down a bit to reflect on the year so far and make plans to finish strong….to get ready for the coming year.  It’s time to be thankful for the things that matter most to us….our family and friends and the causes we hold dear….perhaps we count our blessings and in doing so makes us feel a bit more generous to those less fortunate.

I am enjoying working this early fall day on the back deck of my office with the wind chimes blowing with the breeze.  I’m grateful to be able to work from just about anywhere, but today, my back deck is awfully special.

Wishing you a lovely early fall day!



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