Find your Tribe

IMG_5299We are just coming off of a busy week having returned from a trip to Southern California earlier in the week and then rolling into the big fall festival in our town, Fort Ligonier Days.  Our business is located on Main Street and is the perfect spot for viewing the wonderful two hour parade that is one of the highlights of the weekend.  Our good friends supply hay bails which we put out for seating….mostly for the family and friends with young children.  We had exceptionally warm weather this weekend, which I am sure brought in record crowds. It was a lot to get ready for with just a few days at home, but it was so worth it to spend time with our wonderful family and great friends,

I also received a huge honor this week as I was awarded the Athena Award at our big chamber of commerce annual luncheon.  Three other awards were given in the categories of business of the year, non-profit of the year and chamber member of the year.  Videos were produced for each of the winners which made the event stay on track, but also allowed the recipients to enjoy the day.  The other award winners are amazing people who are making our county a fabulous place to live, work and raise a family.

I was so blessed to have four tables of family and friends in attendance.  I was overwhelmed by the support of my “tribe”.  I had a large contingent of my closest friends in attendance, which was the greatest gift they could give me.  A few special ladies were unable to make it, but they have showered me with cards, flowers, calls and email or text messages….just all too much.  But isn’t that what great girlfriends do for you?  As women, we need to seek out other like minded female friends.  As I said in my video, you need to find your tribe.  It really is a hard job to raise a family, build a career and give back to the community.  Finding other women who understand what you are going through and who uphold you without judgement, who stand behind you when you are going through the tough times and who are there to celebrate the good times makes life so much better.  I am so incredibly blessed with friends who are all amazing women…..their friendship is the icing on the cake of my life.

One of my biggest hopes for my daughters is that they will collect good girlfriends who give them grace when they need it and who are there during life’s ups and downs.  They are both well on their way.  I am very proud of that!

Picture above is a few of the fellow Athena recipients from past years.

Check out the video of the live awards ceremony below.

So go find your people,



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