Give Thanks

3CF00E8D-8EF0-46BE-98A4-969B6A5003B1I’m sure that I am like the rest of you…getting ready for Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season to follow, gets us all up a bit earlier as we go over our massive “to do” list.  Our family has hosted Thanksgiving for a number of years.  This year we are expecting 18 to 20.  In the next few days, we will be getting out the buffet china and polishing the silver to get two tables set for our guests.  This time of year always gets me thinking back my childhood and holidays in the past.  I was fortunate to have both of my grandmothers for  a lot of my adult life.  The last one to die, left us less than a year before my dad passed away,  so they were always a part of our family traditions…most holidays meant two dinners….one at each of their homes.  As I get ready for our celebration, I think back to the family recipes and traditions we all shared.  I will also be pulling out a few family dishes that I received from each of my grandmothers.

As the oldest of 38 grandchildren on my dad’s side of the family, it got to the point where our grandparents could just not afford to buy presents for all of us and our kids.  My grandmother, Lena, would bake all fall and fill boxes full of homemade treats.  Some years, we would get a quilt that had been in the family and most years we would also get a dish or plate that she would pull out of one of her many china cupboards.  I love using those pieces during holiday celebrations.  What a lovely thing for her to allow us to enjoy these things while she was still living.  I can’t get ready for any holiday without thinking of my dearly loved grandparents and the holidays past.

Our younger daughter graduates from college in a few weeks and knows that she will be moving away to work for Amazon.  We are not sure where yet, but it means she will be setting up her own place, an apartment at first, and starting her fully “adult life”.  I mentioned in a early blog post about the desire to downsize our home.  I find myself going through cupboards and drawers and trying to decide what to do with all of the stuff.  I have been setting things aside for both of my girls.   They both have jewelry that was my mom’s and I have started to give them some of mine.  I love to see them enjoy those things.  Part of the joy for me is telling the stories of where something came from, who was there, what was the backdrop.  Hopefully, they are hearing the message of keeping their lives simple and not letting the stuff get out of control.

This Thanksgiving, I am going to focus on enjoying the company, being grateful for good health and a life of abundance shared with those we love.

Wishing you many blessings this Thanksgiving and through the rest of the holiday season.




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