Bucket List…..Check

So my husband Don and I have been cruising  the Danube on the AmaSerena, a lovely, newer, river cruise ship.  The beautiful “Godmother” who this ship is named after, is on this trip with an entourage of her family and friends.  How cool is that?  This is our very first river cruise and so far it has not disappointed.  It is much smaller (150 passengers versus those huge ocean liners).  Don received this as a part of meeting production levels with his real estate business.  I’m enjoying being with my handsome hubby who has always worked so hard for our family.  It’s nice to celebrate accomplishments and life’s milestones.

This trip is all about the long traditions of Christmas Markets across Europe.  We visited markets in Budapest, Vienna, Saltzburg, Regensburg, Nuremberg and are just finishing up by extending a few days in Prague.  Each city has it’s own feel and traditions.  What stuck us is how much of the Christmas Markets is experiencing it….drinking mulled wine, and hot chocolate….so thick and creamy it is like drinking dark chocolate cream, eating sausages..all unique to each region, and of course sampling all of the beer.  We didn’t do a lot of shopping and it seems that the locals don’t do much either.  But the markets are busy with people bundled up and enjoying each other and the season.  Of course there was plenty of time for getting a history lesson at each city thanks to the guides that shared their love of their cities with us.

I am reminded more this year more than most, that what really matters is not the stuff we give each other, but rather the shared experiences over a year and a lifetime.  I think Christmas is the perfect time to share the food and drink the seasonal libations with those we hold dear…our families and our friends who are like family to us.  My family will not be receiving a lot of items we collected on this trip…just a few small momentos.  We do have a series of mugs from many of the Christmas Markets.  Most give you the beverage in a mug that is specific to that market.  In many, you could go back for a free refill.  It was a good way to warm our hands and our hearts as we celebrated the season of Christmas.

As we draw near to Christmas Day, may we fill our hearts with joy as we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child.  He is the reason for the season.

Na zdravi!


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