It’s Happening!

1DEEBFE0-8B48-4526-AF56-FA7EA257D8A6So in my last post (quite a while back) I talked about what is next for us.  Our home just went on the market.  We have been working hard to make sure that it looks fresh and bright for perspective buyers.  We have also been shedding things….we have made many trips to places that take donations and Don even went to a local “dumpster” day on Saturday.  It has been a lot of work, but it is nice to see our hard work pay off with more organized spaces, new flooring and paint.  What we had not planned on, was a new well pump and new dishwasher.  I’m sure the new owners will be happy about that….but….We just hope that the next family to own this home will create their own wonderful family memories as we have over the years. Our girls enjoyed the room to run with their pets and play in the fort that we once had.  Those years are long gone, but the memories will be with us forever.

We have lived in the country, so with that came the desire to “stock up”.  I am not sure why we ever needed four Murphy’s Oil Soap, but I have them. Three are unopened.  I also (unfortunately) had to toss a lot of expired canned goods that could have benefitted someone in need.  That is not something that I am proud of, but I do hope that in the future, with just the two of us, I can shop on as “as needed” basis.

Ladies, I am also appalled at all of the various facial creams and body lotions that I have collected in trying the newest and greatest products.  My commitment has been to work my way through them…..I am starting to make a dent.  The other thing that is overwhelming, is all of the samples from purchasing makeup and all of the bath products I have collected on our travels.  I am not sure what I was thinking bringing it all home.  I have decided to box those up and give to a group that helps young women in need.  I am sure they will be delighted to receive makeup samples from luxury brands.

My lesson to me on this is that I just have too much.  When you start going through all of your stuff, it is amazing how much you have.  I have been blessed to be close to the same size for most of my life which means I have way too many clothes.  Going forward I’m going to have less stuff…..that’s a commitment that I intend to keep!

Stay tuned as the journey continues.

Hoping this day brings you joy.



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