Saving Money Everyday

One of the things we are working on this year is getting rid of bills that we really don’t need.  We have so many choices on viewing television, so some folks are giving up their cable, Direct TV and DISH.  We just got rid of our DISH after 21 years…..When we called to cancel our service, they told we had $400 in credits we could use at $40 a month to reduce our bill….it would have been nice to know that a long time ago.  We found that most of our viewing was on Amazon Prime so we are saving $122 a month not paying for the DISH!  We also got our younger daughter off of our healthcare plan at over $200 a month on top of not paying her living expenses and college tuition bills. It feels good to be done with that and we are proud to have provided she and her sister with a good start without the burden of student loans. Of course it came at a price to our own retirement and potentially their inheritance, but they will be fine. It’s sad to be “officially” empty nestors with both girls off of our payroll. We sure miss having them at home, but kids grow up and move out. The big house is just too quiet and lonely! Another way to save money is to not spend….  I have a client who told me that if she really wants a high end item, she calculates how many hours she would have to work to pay for it.  That forces her to pause and really think about it.  It is also a good idea to truly decide if the purchase is a want or a need.  We are bombarded with advertisements for the latest and greatest luxury items, clothing, beauty products. One of the things I am doing this year is working my way through all of my facial and body treatments.  I am guilty of wanting to try something new.  Hence I have many half used bottles.  I am committed to work through what I have before trying something new.  I have unsubscribed from so many websites so I am not tempted. Not having all of those emails cluttering my inbox also helps with my productivity.  How much time do we spend looking at every one of those emails….even hitting delete takes time.  Clean out your subscriptions and move on. I love to go out to dinner with friends and family…enjoy a nice bottle of wine, take long weekends away and experience fun vacations…give a little more to those in need. That is where our money priorities are these days….How about yours?Here’s to finding your money priorities!Kim and Legacy Wealth Solutions, Inc. Photo taken at the The Eastwood InnJust having some impromptu summer fun with friends.

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