What Were We Thinking!

A0021622-F2A7-4148-959A-734283006751Some of you have been following our downsizing journey….much more on that to come.  Our house is under agreement to close soon.  We have been continuing to do a lot of work to get it ready for the new owners.  One of the big things was to remove a hot tub that could not be fixed.

This story begins about a dozen years ago when we decided that we might really enjoy a hot tub.  With a new deck and the hot tub, it was probably a $15,000 or more project.  We were all ready to enjoy the cool evenings under the stars while relaxing on the back deck.  I am not sure how many times we actually did enjoy it, but not nearly $15,000 worth of enjoyment.  The girls had their friends over and we had too many bubbles from swimsuits that had been washed in laundry detergent and we may have found a bottle cap or two in the filter.  It has not really worked in many years.  So this week a very large dumpster was procured and moved into the driveway.  Our contractors proceeded to “hack” up the spa…..Of course that cost a lot of money too.  We have many friends who have spas and pools and enjoy them and keep up with them.  We love an invitation to join them too.  It just was not a good purchase for our family.

As a financial advisor, I often jump to “what is the math” of the purchase….unfortunately, I didn’t a very good job of estimating the cost to benefit of this purchase….It is a good lesson learned going forward.  I try not to live with a lot of regrets.  Those bad financial decisions can add up and throw a wrench or in the case of the spa, a hacksaw into the our bestlaid plans to save money.  Just something to think about before you make a big ticket purchase.


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