Don’t Blink

EAFB8DF3-CF9C-49A2-9314-6F88A78CB0D0So this is the week that Don and I move out of our country home that we built in 1996-1997.  We had moved cross country from Southern California so that our very young daughters would grow up surrounded by people who loved them just because they were family.  We had rented our beautiful home in California to an executive couple, packed up and headed east….to where I had grown up and many generations in my family  before me had grown up too.  We had purchased 20 beautiful, wooded acres even before we had kids, thinking it might be a place we would live in the future.

The stairway pictured above is where every major life event was documented…birthday tea parties, Valley School Christmas Dance, homecomings and proms and of course our annual Christmas card.  This is on Thanksgiving around 2010.

My dad was an excavating contractor or as many have told me, an “artist with a backhoe”.  He helped us to find the perfect building site and create a meandering driveway through the woods.  We were our own general contractors, so every decision was ours. We created a comfortable, country home here.

When we were building, we commissioned a cabinet maker to build some furniture for us.  The dining table and corner cupboards in the photo below are several of the things he made for us.  I remember saying, one day, each of our girls will get one of those cupboards…..what I didn’t realize, was that “one day” would come so quickly…..the girls were six and three when we moved in.  Our older daughter is married with her own home and daughter, and our younger daughter is just getting started on her career after finishing college at the end of last year.  Our older daughter is getting this table and the corner cupboards as well as some of other furniture (a really nice piano).  I told her that if her sister wants one of the cupboards at some point,  she will have to part with one.


They say time flies.  Well I believe that is so true.  It’s what we do with the moments of our life that really matter.   I can’t help but feel love and nostalgia for this place.  During the long days of winter though, the house seems especially lonely with just Don and me and our fur babies.

One of the reasons that we chose to downsize now is that we wanted to do it together on our own terms.  Considering how incredibly much work it has been, I would certainly not have wanted to do it alone, nor would I have wanted Don to have to do it without me. It is a loving thing we have chosen to do together.  It still doesn’t make it easier though.  I feel I have been crying for days as I sort through all of the things we have acquired over a lifetime.  We will take many wonderful memories of family get togethers…our home was the spot of many Thanksgivings and Easters and a few Christmases, with my siblings and their families and often a number of our dear friends.  There were sleep overs, sledding, playing in a fort that is long gone and long walks down our driveway.  I am incredibly grateful for our time here.  God has blessed us so much.  We are trusting him to help us to figure out what the next thing is for us…..but hopefully, the coming years won’t seem like a blink in time.

Blessings this day,


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