The Long Road to Goodbye

FFF9C8A0-3321-496D-8021-FC856A5E060BLast week we closed on the sale of our long time family home.  It was a top about five hard thing that I have done in my lifetime….up there with losing my parents to cancer, dropping off my girls at college for the first time and moving our younger daughter to her new place near her employer about four hours away.  Seven days on the other side of the transaction and I feel better and better each day about the decison.  We have a beautiful, young family who will be the next stewards of the place that we created.  We are so grateful that the specific prayers for a family to love our place were answered.

What I will tell you is that it was WAY more work than we could ever have imagined.  We spent the past six months getting rid of things and fixing up the house to make it ready to sale.  There were so many trips to Salvation Army, My Sister’s Closet and a storage unit.  We have “cornered” the market on plastic storage bins.  All to store things that we probably do not even need.  I guess if they are in storage long enough, we will see how much we miss them.  I have told my closest friends that despite never being one to hang on to things, how embarrassed I am with all of the stuff we still had in the house.  My husband said he wished we had all of the money we spent on all of the things we have accumulated (ME TOO) and that “our stuff had stuff”!  We worked our tails off night and day to get our things out of the house. And we had four movers for 11 hours one day and two another to get our belongings mostly to storage…..we have two storage units, one with household items and the other with furniture despite giving our older daughter a lot of our nicer things.  Even after the sale was closed, my husband had to make another trip to the house to get more things to take to storage and throw a few more things in the dumpster.

The idea for this blog was conceived almost two years ago when we returned from a summer beach vacation to a geothermal heat pump that needed to be replaced.  My husband called me and said….they are replacing the heat pump, the lawn service and the cleaning person are all at the house….we are working to support a house and we are rarely there.  Let’s sell the big house, move into your office and you can blog about a year of austerity… that’s what we did!

When I help my clients to plan for a successful retirement, we drill down on their lifestyle in retirement.  A solid understanding of what you plan to be doing and what your ideal version of  retirement happiness is really important.  Once you stop working, how long your money lasts and how successful your outcome is will ultimately come down to how much you have saved and lifestyle.  Understanding the “math” of retirement income planning is a must!

Here’s to the “downsizing” adventure….stay tuned!

Kim and the team at Legacy Wealth Solutions, Inc.

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