Settling In

IMG_5126Well, we got through the move…..what a big undertaking….had a great vacation…first with the best of friends and then our wonderful family.  Since we closed on the sale of our home on July 19th, I have spent about eight nights here.  We went from a large four bedroom home with a three car garage and shed on 20 acres to part of my office in an 1800’s house….no garage and a small and sort of crappy shed….(that will be replaced this fall).  So how am I feeling…….free and light and happy to have a much simpler existence.  I will be honest…..I cried every single day as we were getting ready to move….. It was not a move we had to make but one we chose to make.  It was the memories of raising our girls there and being involved in every detail of building our home in the country.  It was also the longest I have lived in a place in my almost 60 years (not quite yet).   Now almost a month on the other side of it and I will tell you…..I am thrilled.  We are still getting organized and are shedding things.  Here are some of the blessings that I have found….

Time…..even though we only drove a little over eight miles to work, it took at least 15 minutes.  I did not drive my car at all today…..I walk to the YMCA and take a boot camp class that my older daughter teaches.  The past two nights after class we have taken our dogs for a walk together.  Tonight’s  was cut short due to the rain, but it was still fun.  We walked to church on Sunday morning….left the same time we would have at the old place but got there seven minutes earlier…and got some exercise in as well.  We walked up the street tonight to “Taco Tuesday” at the bowling alley….our bill was $3.71, but we left $6.

We are still getting used to the lights in town and the traffic noise that we didn’t have.  Everything is very compact and easy to manage.  This is will not be our permanent home, but it is giving us a taste of living in town to see if we like it enough to build or buy another home here.  We are looking at our future with new possibilities.

We all have to figure out how we want to spend the limited resources of time and money.  For us, we want to spend our time doing meaningful work, giving back to our community and experiencing life with our wonderful family and friends.  We also want to be good stewards of our financial resources.  We are facing the future with much anticipation  and looking forward to what’s next….stay tuned.


Kim and the team at Legacy Wealth Solutions and Seeds of Abundance

P.S.  The photo was taken on the front porch of our home/office on Main Street……USA!

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