Extreme Downsizing

70214B04-4DBE-4E12-96A0-7CC56C5F1138.jpegMost of you who have been following our journey know that we recently downsized our home on a large property.  What you may know is just how extreme that downsizing was.  We set up a bedroom in my office in an 1800’s house, took over part of an office for a closet and are now sharing a small vanity in our bathroom….we have not shared a bathroom sink since 1984!  Our old home had three and a half baths and our vanity was nine feet long with two sinks.  We no longer have a garage.  We may build one, but basically we have very little space compared to where we had lived the past 21 years, or really ever as a married couple.

It is the strangest thing, but I am not reacting at all like I thought that I would.  I am carrying zero trace of sadness, no regrets……  I thought the melancholy would linger.  As we continue to get settled into our tiny space, I am feeling more and more at home.  Maybe it is a sacrifice….I do miss the views and peaceful quietness or our old place, but there are many lovely spots close by to enjoy God’s spender.  We have a trail along a historic railway path that is a new favorite place to walk.  We live in a wonderful town with restaurants, shops, historic sites and lots of trees and lovely maintained homes.  It is fun to walk to go out to eat or see a movie.

As baby boomers approach their retirement years, they really need to figure out how they want to spend their valuable resources of minutes and dollars.  For us, the move freed up lots more of both!  Even though we will eventually build or buy another place, it will be much more manageable and less costly to maintain.  We also had a lot of money tied up in a property that can be deployed in other ways to create a more secure retirement.  At this point we are still settling in. We have yet to figure out our “new normal” but are excited about the journey.

It was NOT easy and it is certainly not for everyone.  It was an enormous about of work and an emotional experience.  On the other side, is a lot less stress and pressure….less property to upkeep and a lot less in bills.  One of our friends said…”you are going to live for FREE!”  Basically we are are….we gave up the expenses on a property we were too busy to enjoy and now have time to enjoy our smaller place in our darling town….which was named by Kiplingers are one of the best places to retire.

Everything related to creating a great retirement takes thoughtful planning and execution.  In my business, I help my clients to map their own unique plan to live a life in their later years that defines what matters most to them.  We are in the process of defining what that means for us. (Not that either of us plan to retire any time soon) We are all about experiences….travel, seeing a Broadway show, having fun with friends, spending time with our girls and their guys and our granddaughter.  Our kids have started giving us airline gift cards for birthdays and holidays…..YES!  How would you feel if you knew your work was “optional”….that you could work because you still enjoy what you do but not because you had to…..that’s what I want my clients to aspire to!

Here’s to finding your unique version of happiness.


Kim and the team at Legacy Wealth Solutions and Seeds of Abundance



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