Epic Day

D4B1BCCD-14F4-494D-9A65-2593CFBBF377I had one of those days that you remember FOREVER!  The idea for today was “hatched” with a couple of friends after an evening of giving money away to great local causes (we all work on a committee that raises money for charity).  I had friends who had seen the Broadway version of Aladdin in Pittsburgh and loved it.  I mentioned it to a couple of close girlfriends.  Once the idea was on our minds, we were all looking for tickets. So I went to Pittsburgh with three great friends to see the matinee of Aladdin.  Of course we had a delicious lunch before before some ”refreshments” during the production.  We had wonderful seats.  We are all moms of grown children and have most certainly seen the Disney movie many times.  But the live Broadway production was over the top!

How often are we just too busy to make the time to take a break in the routine?  We all have many responsibilities with family, jobs and homes.  Once in awhile we just need to say YES….let’s go have some fun, on a Thursday!  We sure did!

One of our friend’s husbands passed away a few years ago….today would have been their 38th wedding anniversary….It makes me sad for my friend that her husband is not here.  She is a strong woman who has dealt with a tough blow, but always has a smile and chooses happiness and gratitude.  We could all learn a good lesson from her.

None of us know what tomorrow brings.  We need to live our best lives every day.  I know you have seen all of the hashtags #livingmybestlife.  What does that really mean?  I think it boils down to using our God given gifts and talents to make the world a better place, to choosing kindness and love even when we don’t feel like it….and once in awhile playing “Hooky”….to have some fun without worrying about the number of emails and phone calls we need to respond to.

I am grateful to the people who make my life so much richer because they share it with me….. my wonderful husband and amazing daughters and their families, my family and friends who love me when I don’t deserve it….

Wishing you all an EPIC day or two….take the time to do something out of your routine…..you won’t regret it!


Kim and the team at Legacy Wealth Solutions and Seeds of Abundance

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