Tiny Space….Living Large


8ABE154D-3749-4240-9249-BC1EEE39EDD6Almost two months into our “downsized life” and we are enjoying living in our small town.  My husband sat on the front porch last night with a cigar and a glass of red wine….with the dog, and watched the cars and people go by.  We have wonderful neighbors on both sides.  For the most part, other than cars, it is very quiet.  We walk everywhere.  This morning I walked to the Farmer’s Market to pick up smoked salmon and fruit sauce….two staples I get most every week.  There are also cut flowers and vegetables, as well as breads, baked goods and lovely crafts.  I hardly ever made it when it was a 15 minute drive.  Now it is a weekly event.  You can always count on seeing friends while you are there.

Today our town is having an Art Walk.  The lovely galleries are all open with  events going on all day.  How nice to not have to make a special trip, but rather, just walk out the front door and go right or left.  There are great restaurants and other stores along the way with lovely and unique merchandise.  It is no wonder that so many people from other areas come to visit Ligonier and make a day of it.

Not having the overhead and responsibility of our other property has freed us in so many ways…both financially and with our time.  You hear me talking a lot about our limited resources of time and money.  Having low over head means we have more money to experience life..  I have already walked close to seven miles today and it’s only a little after 2pm.  I have more time to incorporate extra physical activity and work on my spiritual life as well.

So regrets at all.  Try it…it’s liberating.

Here’s to finding your own balance of using your limited resources.


Kim and the team at Legacy Wealth Solutions and Seeds of Abundance

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