Making a Difference

9362BE3F-194B-44BB-85B5-C34D70490CD7When you think about what makes a life abundant, what comes to mind?  For many it is acquiring more things, building a dream home, crossing things off of your bucket list.  I have done all of the above and continue to bring things into our downsized space, but with a lot more thought than in the past.  We have had four beautiful homes, each one bigger and nicer than the last.  Traveling to new places and finding adventure along the way continues to be a priority.  For where I am at this stage of my life, I am not sure that any of those things has made my life more abundant.

What about doing work that you love to the best of your ability?  Helping others through your work using your God given gifts and talents?  Writing a check to support a program to feed hungry children over the weekends when they may not have access to food?  Cleaning up an elderly person’s yard who is legally blind?

Last Friday, a group of ladies from the United Way Women’s Leadership Council helped 80 year old Dee with her landscaping.  Dee has been legally blind for over 17 years.  She lost her husband and only child in the late 1990s.  However, none of that has deterred her from being fiercely independent.  She found a way to continue her career for many years and still lives alone despite her disability.

You must understand….I do not garden and I do not paint.  I tried to do both of those things with my husband early in our marriage.  If I had continued, I  would probably not be married today.  However, last year as part of this Day of Caring, I helped to paint a garage and the block foundation for a senior.  This year it was yard work.

How do you feel when you step out of you comfort zone to do something that you may not enjoy or do well in order to help someone else?  For me, helping the person, regardless of my talent in that area, is my driving force.  Thankfully, many of the other ladies were experienced gardeners and came with tools, including some power tools in hand. My husband picked up a pair of gardening gloves for me.

What a feeling of accomplishment to spend a day helping someone who has no one.  It reminded me of how blessed I am, but also how life can quickly change for all of us.

They say “many hands make for light work”….It’s so true.  Spending the day with the other ladies, who support the United Way in a significant financial way and also volunteer their time to a variety of other projects over the course of the year, was really special.

Our Day of Caring project made a difference….for a very lovely lady.  I am so grateful to have been a part of it!


Kim and the team at Legacy Wealth Solutions and Seeds of Abundance


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