Celebrate the Moments


Today is our older daughter’s 28th birthday.  She was born on a Monday morning at 5:27am in San Diego.  My husband would have missed her birth all together if I hadn’t gone into labor three weeks early at 11pm Sunday, September 23rd.  He had a 6am flight to San Francisco on the 24th….he missed it!  Fast forward 28 years later and he is in San Diego today for a meeting later in the week.

Our daughter is grown up with a life of her own….with a husband, her own beautiful daughter, a home, and a cat and Golden Retriever puppy.  She also is a StitchFix Stylist, fitness instructor and successful blogger.  We are so blessed that her family lives in our town.  She was our girl who wanted to go far, far away to college.  Now as a mother and wife, she realizes what a great place Ligonier, PA is to raise a family and build a life.

It is so hard to believe that she is 28….it seems just yesterday she was that little girl who stole our hearts from moment one.

My friends all know that I love a good celebration….a party to raise money for charity, dinner with friends, gathering on our back deck before an evening out.  Life is meant to be celebrated.  It is a gift that I choose to cherish.  Seeing the world as new and exciting through the eyes of a child is truly special.  Both of our daughters have a zest and enthusiasm for life and we see it in our sweet granddaughter as well.

So today, I celebrate that moment that our daughter was born on this day 28 years ago.  Wishing her the very best day and coming year.  She has blessed our lives abundantly!  The things in life that really matter are the people we love.  I am rich indeed.


Kim and the team at Legacy Wealth Solutions and Seeds of Abundance


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