Closet Shopping

We are off to a charity event tonight which just happens to be coinciding with our first big snowfall of the season.  Being so close to the holidays, I figured it was time to pull out some festive attire and kick off the season in style.  The problem is that we moved in July and many of my out of season clothes are in one of our storage units….who knows where!

Being the industrious person that I am, I went “shopping” in my “closet” and some bins that are under my bed.  Certainly there was something that I could wear without having to dig through storage or run out to the mall on a cold and snowy day!  Low and behold, I found not one but several suitable outfits.  I’m still deciding which one to wear tonight, but I have narrowed it down a bit.

I felt like I was shopping for a whole new outfit…..looking at pants and fun tops and trying to figure out what would go together well.  I also got a bit of a jumpstart on planning what to wear for our upcoming events over the next month and into the new year.  I was relaying this to a friend and she said it was like getting a gift.  Indeed it was!  I have lovely things that I can wear and I didn’t have to spend money on them.

I am not suggesting that you don’t shop….I love to shop.  But I am taking a long and hard look at where I spend money and what enjoyment I get from it.  Finding fun party clothes in my closest was a nice treat on a snowy day.  When I do get to my storage unit and find my other clothes, I will probably have the same experience….sort of like shopping but without parting with my money.

So perhaps this year, pull out an oldie but goodie,  long forgotten, classic outfit or recycle one from a season or two past.  You may find things you can donate that you won’t wear again while you are in the process.  Think of the joy someone less fortunate will experience when they have something nice to wear this season.

Here’s to being well dressed!

Kim and the team at Legacy Wealth Solutions and Seeds of Abundance


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