“Tis’ the Season”

I don’t know about you, but our Decembers seem to get busier and busier with each passing year.  I am NOT complaining though.  I love Christmas and all of the celebrations with family and friends over the weeks leading up to Christmas Day.  The traditions that we have created over a lifetime are like a warm sweater and fuzzy socks on a cold winter’s day…..comfortable and cherished.  Spending time with those we love seems even more special at this time of year.  Perhaps it’s because of the wonderful Gift of God’s own Son….the reason for the season that we feel this overwhelming sense of love and gratitude for the abundance that we enjoy.  

It’s a good time to stop and think of those less fortunate.  We make a habit of dropping money in the Salvation Army bucket each time we walk by one.  It’s not much, but the little that we all contribute over the Christmas Season adds up to A LOT for those less fortunate.  Food banks and homeless shelters have great needs at this time.  Why not buy the person in line behind you at the Starbucks drivethrough a coffee….Random acts of kindness are just as wonderful for the giver as the receiver.

I have helped a number of families to build a charitable gift plan. Setting up a donor advised fund at a public foundation or making a major lifetime gift to a cause they hold dear. The gifts we make daily are wonderful and meaningful, but perhaps the gift you make when you no longer need all of your financial resources may make a difference long after you are gone….year end is a great time to consider this type of plan.

Enjoy the many gifts of the season,

Kim and the team at Legacy Wealth Solutions and Seeds of Abundance 


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