Missing Mom

Today would have been my beautiful, amazing mother’s 79th birthday. This year on Halloween it will be 20 years since she left us…way too soon. Diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer at age 57, she battled bravely, but in the end, the cancer was too much. It is hard for me to believe that after all this time that she is really gone. I miss her so much and feel her presence with me. I often think of her words of wisdom and encouragement as a young woman. At age 28 when I had just completed my MBA at night school and was promoted to Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank….I got beautiful flowers with a card saying “Congratultions, I hope your next title is “Mom”. Little did I know that the title of “Mom” would be my greatest joy! I am the person I am today because of her loving and faithful guidance.

I am also reminded that she did not make it to age 60, That milestone is looming large for me in a few months time. My response is BRING IT! Age is just a number….it’s how we live that matters. I see older people who seem much younger than their chronological age because they stay active, have optimistic spirits and are constantly learning. I also see much younger people who seem much older. We all have a choice in how we view and approach the world.

My mom’s life was not long based on life expectancy tables, but she loved without measure and gave of herself even when at times there wasn’t much to give. She also faced her health issues with a strong faith in God and an attitude of quiet grace and strength. I am not sure how she was able to handle it, but I know that her faith carried her through each day of the life she lived.

Our younger daughter was just five when she died. She would hug my mom and tell her how much she loved her and how she would never let her go. Of course she had no idea how sick mom was and that she would have to say goodbye way too soon.

So today, I think of my mom with great love and gratitude. I miss her, but I know that God had some big plans for her in heaven.

Love you Mom.



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