EMBRACE the brand new year

2018 was a year of many changes for us. Our younger daughter moved out to start her life after college as an Area Manager at Amazon around four hours away. We spent the first half of the year preparing our long time home to market. We sold the home and had a whirlwind of a little over a month to get all of the many things we had accumulated over 21 plus years off to new homes or charity or to one of our two storage units. We never were ones who had to rent a storage unit to hold the overflow of our possessions. However, we did have a three car garage and a very nice size shed. My husband declared at one point during the move that “our stuff, had stuff”. Isn’t that the truth. The equipment, tools, cleaning supplies and all you need to care for your stuff is also a lot of stuff.

Since our move at the end of July, we have enjoyed living in a tiny space. I miss the garage most at this time of year, but even that isn’t too bad. How many people do you know who don’t park their cars in their garages because their garages are packed with stuff! It is a minor inconvenience. Besides, now that I live in my office in town, I don’t commute to work and I also make a point of walking instead of driving.

I also have found that I am saying YES more. Yes to spin class and pickleball, yes to that quick trip out of town with friends, yes to the committee, yes to collecting my granddaughter at preschool to help out my daughter. I feel certain there will be many other opportunities to embrace the opportunities that cross my path this year.

People ask me if I was sad to leave my other home….the answer is a resounding NO….I loved living there and raising our girls. It was emotional and sad to walk out the door for the last time. Then it wasn’t! I am much more relaxed…well sort of, at least until we start construction on the next house!

We hold on to our memories and the places we created those memories. The truth is the memories move with us. I find that I have more time to create memories with my family and friends now that I have less responsibilities. At this point in my life, it just works!

I picked a word that will carry me through the coming year….EMBRACE…change, possibilities, opportunities, circumstances, challenges, new adventures, “The Moment”. What is your word to guide you this year?

I’m facing 2019 with great excitement and enthusiasm! Hoping that you EMBRACE all that this brand new year has to offer!


Kim and the team at Legacy Wealth Solutions and Seeds of Abundance


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