This page will be a grouping of our favorite healthy recipes, exercise tips, and overall wellness advice for those busy bees who just can’t seem to get it all done.

So we have told you that we love to stay active.  That means different things to different people and this mother/daughter duo are no different.  Kim is on the board of the local YMCA and is a huge supporter and long time family member.  Her busy work and travel schedule typically means that it’s a walk at lunch or an early morning workout with her favorite trainers at Beach Body.  She has done most of the programs over the years…all on video or DVD.  This on demand program gives her access to all that Beach Body has to offer and she can plug in even when she is away.  Tony Horton, Shawn T and Autumn Calabrese are personal favorites.  Both Kim and Taryn have done Autumn’s 21 Day Fix to shed some pounds.

Taryn loves to run, hike and hit the gym with her sister who is a personal trainer and fitness instructor.  She will run or do some other cardio before her sister’s Better Body Boot Camp on weekday evenings.  She is very dedicated to maintaining her weight after losing around 30 lbs.  She is also just addicted to fitness and has made it a lifestyle choice.