I grew up in the country near a very small town in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  My world was tiny.  My parents were young when they started having kids.  In the early years of my life we really didn’t have much.  I don’t think I realized until much later how little we had.  I went to college in a equally small town and though my world was expanded somewhat, it was still pretty small.  My vacations as a kid were basically a Christian summer camp about 40 minutes away and a week at my grandparents home about 15 minutes away.  I had a wonderful childhood in my small world.   I had no idea how others lived nor did care.  I was loved and well cared for and secure.

If I were to think back to 40 years ago when I graduated from high school, I would never imagine that I would ever be talking about my travel experiences to ANYONE!  The first time I saw the ocean was a late summer trip to the Jersey Shore before the start of my sophomore year of college with my soon to be college roommate and her parents.  My first flight on an airplane was on Christmas Day 1980 from Pittsburgh to Los Angelos to see my then boyfriend, now husband, Don.  You see I fell in love with a “left coast” guy!

Since then, I have traveled to and lived in a number of places I never even imagined in my early years that I would ever see!  While not a world traveler, I do tend to be on airplanes most months for business and/or pleasure and am working my way through a “bucket-list” of adventures.

My daughters were not raised like I was and have had the privilege of travel and adventures.  Taryn will be sharing her experiences with you as part of this ongoing blog…..