Living Well on Your Own

9D301AF8-DCC0-4806-9A59-A3F8952A5057I had a great priveledge of spending time with a newer friend today, Goldie.   I met her a little over two years ago when a group of amazing women helped to clean up her Victorian home as part of a United Way Day of Caring.  You see, our friend Goldie just turned 92 years young!  She raised three children and divorced her husband after 28 years of marriage….many, many years ago.  She lives in a lovely home that she purchased around 40 years ago.  She lives on the first floor and has a long term tenant on the second floor.  Talk about a smart way to supplement your retirement income!  She was way ahead of the airbnb movement!

She worked at a major department store for many years and is well known and beloved by those who frequented her department.  She is stylish and smart and witty and charming and dear.  She has lived alone by her choice for many years.  Unfortunately, she has recently lost her cute yellow Fiat after a little health incident.

We all have obstacles that we have to face during our lifetimes.  We all have the choice every day on how we will respond to the good and the bad things that life brings us.  Spending time with an older person, who has so much wisdom and experience, is such a reminder about what a gift life truly is.

On the car ride home from lunch she was giving me makeup tips.  I was all ears!  Whatever she has been doing has worked well for her!

Cheers to living well, aging gracefully and embracing life!

Kim and the team at Legacy Wealth Solutions and Seeds of Abundance



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