Trade Winds and Tides

D7E57563-4780-4A21-9905-0564810F684EHappy Halloween to all of you out there…..for me this day holds a bit of sadness as my beautiful mom passed away this day 19 years ago at age 59.  There is not a single day that I don’t miss her or wish that she was still here with us sharing a life that she loved.

I am reminded though about how she lived….not how she died.  At age 59, you and probably guess it was cancer.  Diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer in 1997 at age 57, she battled bravely.  The community wrapped around her with prayers and love and support.  There were certainly miracles as she outlived her live expectancy with this disease by making it two and a half years after she was diagnosed.  Her oncologist said at one point, whatever those people are doing for you, tell them not to stop!  We had hope, but in the end the disease was too deeply embedded into her body.  Yet you would never have known the private battle that she faced.  She went to treatments with a smile on her face and a positive attitude.  She lived fully every day that God gave her on this earth.

Mom was an amazing woman.  She got married at age 18 and had four children by the age of 26.  I am the oldest of four children.  When I was 14 to went to work as a teller in a community bank.  She worked her way up the ranks to Vice President and Secretary of the Board and managed to get an Associates Degree and a number of certifications while raising her family, working full time and helping my dad with his business.  She was beautiful inside and out….sweet,  kind, caring and genuine.

She also managed to put away a fair amount of money for her retirement which in 1999 was quite significant.  I recall her saying that she always wished I had enough money to enjoy her retirement.  She probably did have enough, but she never lived to enjoy it.

I live my life with the understanding that a long life is not a given.  That we never know the number of days we have on this earth.  Losing my mom when she was so young causes me to look at the world a lot differently.  Both of my grandmothers lived into their 90s.  They were widows but managed to go on to live long and productive lives even after their husbands passed away.  Still, at my age of 59 (the same age my mom passed away), with a four year old granddaughter, it does make you think about how much time we really do have.

Today I am in a beautitful place with my husband of over 36 years enjoying some time away.  I miss my mom terribly, but said a toast to her and celebrated this day in Maui!  I know Mom would have approved.

I face my future with optimism and am planning for a long and healthy life.  That includes making sure our retirement plan is well funded and able to withstand whatever the stock market throws our way.  Knowing that we have that covered allows me to face the future with anticipation versus worry.  I wish the same thing for all of you.


Kim and the Team at Legacy Wealth Solutions and Seeds of Abundance



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